Wednesday, 9 May 2012

More at Chester races

1.35  King's Warrior 2nd 5-2
2.05  Hunter's Light UP
2.35  Call To Battle (there seems to be a theme here!)  UP
3.05  Gabrial 2nd 2-1
3.40  Trinityelitedotcom  3rd 6-1
4.15  Personal Touch  3rd 3-1
4.45  Calaf  UP

Not as excited by tomorrow's racing as I was about today's, but here we go...

Well, I didn't do very well yesterday.  But I watched the races after work, and they were a lot of close ones.  I was kicking myself after not being a bit braver and going for Resurge in the last.

Profit to level stakes: +27.5

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